Sébastien Schuller
Pias / Le Village Vert/Green United Music (2009)
Download: "Open Organ"
Sébastien Schuller's second album Evenfall is full of understated moments -- an impressive nuanced effort of restrained melodies. The Parisian's second release is decidely less electro-oriented than his debut "Happiness" and continues to reflect this occasional soundtrack composer's love of melancholy soundscapes.

is rather neatly divided into two parts, opening along more organic lines and then evolving to incorporate chilly synth beats and warped vocal effects. The stunner "Open Organ" builds determinedly on waves of strings and horns, and all the while Sebastien's vocals remain reservedly pitched, gradually walking you to the edge of Sebastien's lyrical cliff.

Following the sober ballad "The Border" and the wisp of a demi-psychadelic instrumental "New York", the second half of Evenfall changes direction slightly and sees Sébastien bringing muted glitchy beats and effects into the works. On the particularly strong track "Last Time", the plaintive vocals seem to be engaged in a clever game of tag with the backing track which only catches up as the song winds down, all finally collapsing to catch their collective breath. The album closer "High Green Grass", sees the album come full circle, returning to a more paired down vocal style and backing piano chords, slowly building on beats which are never allowed to dominate.

As an album, Evenfall awakens rewardingly over time and draws the listener in with its evocative and spectral beauty.

For the keen observer: you might recognize the sleeve's distinctive collage style from Agnes Montgomery, who also created the great piece "Pool Party" for the cover for Panda Bear's Person Pitch.

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